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Too good to #0003

Linux uptime in seconds, once and for all “Sudo on demand”, re-exec shell script with sudo if not running as root “When was the last time apt-get on that Debian/Ubuntu machine installed package upgrades?” Reliably answering this is a lot … Continue reading

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How expiration dates in the shadow file really work

tl;dr: Accounts expire as soon as UTC reaches the expiration date. In today‘s installment of my classic shame-inducing series “UNIX basics for UNIX professionals”, I want to talk about account (and password) expiration in /etc/shadow on Linux. The expiration time … Continue reading

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CentOS 7 on MD-RAID 1

Figuring this out took me quite a bit of time. In the end, I approached the starter of this hilariously useless CentOS mailing list thread, who assured me that indeed he had found a way to configure MD-RAID in the … Continue reading

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What does the slash in crontab(5) actually do?

That’s a bit of a stupid question. Of course you know what the slash in crontab(5) does, everyone knows what it does. I sure know what it does, because I’ve been a UNIX and Linux guy for almost 20 years. … Continue reading

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