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Too good to #0002

Show and update the comment in an SSH private key ssh-agent in Gitlab CI/CD Define SSH_KEY as a “file” in Gitlab CI/CD variables and SSH_PASSPHRASE as a regular variable If libcrypto errors on execution, make sure SSH_KEY has an additional … Continue reading

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SSH firewall bypass roundup

So my SSH workflow has reached a turning point, where I’m going to clean up my ~/.ssh/config. Some entries had been used to leverage corporate firewall and proxy setups for accessing external SSH servers from internal networks. These are being … Continue reading

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OpenSSH connection multiplexing

The Challenge I was in touch with a developer the other day who used SSH to programmatically connect to a remote machine where he would start some kind of processing job. Unfortunately, he was in trouble when he wanted to … Continue reading

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Using the SSH agent from daemon processes

One of my more recent installations, the BackupPC server I wrote about earlier, needs full access as the user root to his clients in order to retrieve the backups. Here’s how I implemented authentication on this machine. BackupPC runs as … Continue reading

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